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Keys To Success

Studio Policies

Registration & Tuition

$30.00/student (non-refundable or transferable)


• Yearly tuition is broken into 9 payments, September 2022-May 2023

• The entire tuition for the season per student is expected to be paid for by the contract signed.

• Costume payments and costumes ARE NOT accepted in lieu of tuition payments.

• Any student withdrawing from the studio must give the office 30 days notice in writing and will be charged for those 30 days. Until letter is received, a student is considered enrolled & tuition must be paid.

*Jo Ann Warren Studio reserves the right to prohibit the student from taking a class in the event of an unpaid tuition balance. Unpaid bills run the risk of being sent to a collection agency.

• Please Note

All accounts are required to have a credit or debit card on file. As always, we accept tenders of cash or check. Those who wish to use auto-pay, accounts will be charged using the card on file (COF) the 1st day of each month, respectively.

Those who wish to pay using an alternate tender must do so by the 1st of each month. If payment is not received by the due date, the COF will be automatically charged on the 10th of each month.

If a COF expires or becomes invalid, the system will notify the family via email. The family will then have 10 days to update the payment information (in-studio or from their personal account). Failure to up-date payment will result in a $35 late fee. Returned checks are also subject to a $35 late fee

Right To Cancel

Jo Ann Warren Studio reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In this event, another class will be suggested. If you are unable to continue in the new class and withdraw, any unused tuition will be refunded.

Class Placement

We want everyone to succeed and that means being placed in classes correctly. Class placement is based on age as of September 1st. If at any time the studio owner/teacher feels that a student has been placed incorrectly, they will be moved into the appropriate class.

*Placement in classes may not always follow above guidelines; all placement is at the discretion of the teacher.


Please call the studio if you are going to be late or absent from class. Coming in to watch class is encouraged if you are feeling well enough to attend. Ask for the available makeup class list.

Dress Code

Dress code guidelines will be given out at registration. Please be advised that any student not dressed in proper attire will be asked to sit out of class for that day.


Classwear, shoes and recital costumes, are all conveniently available for online ordering through our boutique shop NIMBLY. Students can be measured and sized for shoes and apparel during regular office hours at the studio. Online orders can be placed 24 hours a day with timely delivery.

In January all families will receive a class link, with ordering instructions for recital costume ordering.

* All accounts must be paid in full in order to participate in dress rehearsal & Recital.

Costume Breakdown: $80/costume includes costume & accessories (1 costume each). Shoes and tights are the responsibility of the parent or guardian

Little Movers 2-3 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Preschool I/II 3.5-5.5 years 45 minutes 2 dances
Kinder Combo 5.5-7.5 years 1 hour 2 dances
Tumble Tots 4-6 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Primary Combo 6-11 years 1.5 hour 2 dances
Essential Jazz 9-16 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Essential Tap 9-16 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Essential Contemporary 9-16 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Essential Hip Hop 9-16 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Essential Tumbling 9-16 years 30 minutes 1 dance
Essential Ballet 9-16 years 1 hour 1 dance
Essential Musical Theatre 7-16 years 45 minutes 1 routine

Closings and Attendance

Make Up Classes

Makeup classes are available in the event of a class cancellation or sick day. They are not mandatory but are made available for your convenience. All make-ups must be made within two weeks of a missed class. Please notify the office if you will be attending a makeup class.

Snow/Other inclement weather

The studio will close in the event that Worcester schools cancel due to snow or any other type of inclement weather. No refunds will be given in the event of snow or other inclement weather. Closings will be posted on all social media and emailed to families.

Other Closings

Sometimes it is inevitable that the studio will close due to scheduling conflicts with competitions or conventions. Also sometimes due to student illness, one cannot attend class. To make up your missed classes due to these circumstances you will be given another time to attend a similar class during the week.

Rules & Conduct

•  Classes are taken at your own risk. The owners, teachers, assistants and staff are not responsible for any injuries suffered by any student before, during or after class; or by anyone waiting for a student.

• We are not responsible for lost articles. Please leave all valuables at home and label everything.

• If a student damages Studio property, parents will be assessed for repairs.

•  No smoking in the Studio at any time.

•  Emergency cancellations will be sent via email, the office voice-mail, and the school facebook page.

•  No gum chewing in class.

•  Long hair must be worn up and off the face at all times. No jewelry and appropriate dancewear and shoes are required.

•  Unauthorized use of class materials, routines and/or choreography is strictly prohibited.

•  Students participating in competitions shows and other Studio related activities do so at their own risk.

•  Please contact the Studio if you must miss class.

•  Any student of Jo Ann Warren Studio gives their permission for any photography or video that is taken of them to be used in promotion, including the rights of newspapers, brochures, cable, TV advertising, FACEBOOK or

•  Disrespect toward teachers, class assistants and fellow students will not be tolerated.